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Freedom at Midnight

Freedom at Midnight

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Amber Abbas’ review of “Prejudice and Pride: School Histories of the Freedom Struggle in India and Pakistan. The massacre of 680,000 members of that race that God had destined to govern and subdue in the trenches of World War I wrote an end to the legend of a certain India. Parcourez la librairie en ligne la plus vaste au monde et commencez dès aujourd'hui votre lecture sur le Web, votre tablette, votre téléphone ou un lecteur d'e-books.

For generations of English schoolboys, stuck in unheated classrooms, their eyes looking out on some forlorn, rain-swept heath, the names of its regiments -Skinner’s and Hodson’s and Probyn’s Horse, the “Piffers” of the Frontier Force Rifles, the First Sikhs, the Rajputana Rifles, the Guides Cavalry-were synonymous with glory and adventure. Ambedkar - one of the authors of the Constitution - also feared the fate of that community in an independent India and converted to Buddhism on his deathbed as an act of symbolic resistance to Hindu-majority rule. Mountbatten: "Well, Gandhiji, his is the only voice I'd sooner listen to than yours, but in what respect did I take God's advice against yours. This book comes off as portraying the functioning and benevolent British Raj that sadly and unfortunately had to go due to extenuating circumstances.Freedom at Midnight aroused controversy for its portrayal of the British expatriates, the native rulers of India, and members of India's first cabinet. More recently Lapierre wrote CITY OF JOY (about Calcutta) and Larry Collins has written a number of thrillers published by HarperCollins (FALL FROM GRACE, MAZE and BLACK EAGLES). I have no doubt if I had rated back then it would have been five stars and included in my favourite books and ones that I would read again. Although most may know that the partition caused obscene and bloody massacres between Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs, the ferocity is beyond imagination. Regarding partition, the book—providing maps of Punjab, Bengal, and Kashmir—relates that the crucial maps setting the boundary separating India and Pakistan were drawn that year by Cyril Radcliffe, who had not visited India before being appointed as the chairman of the Boundary Commission.

If two brothers were living together in the same house and wanted to separate and live in two different houses, would you object? Lapierre is proud that after spending a great deal of time in Jerusalem he knows each alley, square, street, and building in the Holy City intimately. A colourful chapter describes the lavish lifestyles of Indian Maharajas as the fate of the princely states hung in the balance.In this superb reconstruction, Collins and Lapierre recount the eclipse of the fabled British Raj and examine the roles enacted by, among others, Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Mountbatten in its violent transformation into the new India and Pakistan.

The electrifying story of India's struggle for independence, told in this classic account (first published in 1975) by two fine journalists who conducted hundreds of interviews with nearly all the surviving participants - from Mountbatten to the assassins of Mahatma Gandhi. In this account, the British were “a race that God had destined” to rule the Indians, and therefore “naturally acquired” India. She is a frustrated soul and confronts her husband Das(Hakkim Shahjahan) that she is looking for sexu.By the time the Labor Government took office, the English were as tired of argument as the Indians, and Clement Attlee insisted on finishing up the whole epoch. You are bound to bow in humility and fall in love with this mahatma, whether you have read good or bad or nothing about him before.

It's probably the most easily readable book on the subject, which explains the insane amount of popularity it had enjoyed and still enjoys. The only Indian people worth praising are the corrupt Maharajas, who were put into place, forthe most part, by the Raj. Sikh hordes roamed the countryside like bands of Apaches falling on Moslem villages or Moslem neighborhoods. The authors depict Jinnah as absolutist in his ego-maniacal need to be the father of a new nation, rather than acknowledge the validity of his concerns: that Muslims would never be treated equally in a majority-Hindu independent India and might come to suffer even worse than they did under the British.And as I have been telling it more often, it was very emotional and that’s what made this book better than any other in this niche. As you read, you'll find a great deal is written about Mahatma Gandhi, the "dejected bird" of Mountbatten, Nehru, the handsome Indian who is incredibly fascinated by the Mountbattens, Jinnah, the only guy who is shown in the bad light, and Patel, well. They are represented here as isolated personages who hold the fate of the Indian people in their hands.

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